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Sales, Service and Maintenance


In october 10th. 2010 we identified specialized service needs in the scanner equipment at levels of Desktop, Workgroup and Production and started a business to meet those and designed a service solution to satisfy it.  Later in July 2015 didn’t find an ID Card printer solution simple, affordable for small and large business. Now we provide equipment, consumables, maintenance and repair service to ID CARD Printers/IDP and for scanners brands like Fujitsu, Canon, Kodak, Xerox.

Also, scanners with a built-in touchscreen like Fujitsu Network Scanners which provides the easiest way to get your organization scanning and sharing documents with equipment connected in the LAN or WAN.

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Fujitsu fi7160 


Working with resellers of scanners Canon, Fujitsu, BookEye since 1991 wich provide specialized services to financial, insurance and manufacture industries. The knowledge of imaging software like Legato, Vision 20/20, Questys, VRS help us to diagnostic in efficient way errors in different units. Trained directly from head office of Fujitsu and CANON in the full line of their scanners.. More...