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IDP Card Printers

The SMART Series will be a perfect choice for Employee IDs, Membership Cards, Access Control Badges, Secure Government Credentials, Social Services Cards, and even the instant issuance of Banking cards.The SMART Series is manufactured by IDP Corporation. It is a highly engineered dye-sublimation ID Card printer which provides you with maximum efficiency for production of plastic cards in commercial and government applications. ID card printer designed with a unique modular concept that can support various printer configurations to meet specific user needs.  

Fujitsu document scanners

Fujitsu Computer Products of America designs computer scanners for businesses and personal document imaging needs. Whether you require a scanner or scanning software, a small portable scanner or a heavy-duty industrial scanner, Fujitsu's market-leading technology can suit your requirements.  Meet legal and regulatory obligations and disaster recovery objectives.  Save space and money.  Main models of Fujitsu scanners may have optional imprinter unit to  prints identification markers like dates, alphanumeric codes and symbols on the reverse side of the original document.


The SMART-31S offers a wide range of optional features including Ethernet, smartcard encoding, and ultra violet (UV) printing. Now small businesses can afford to produce their own ID Cards.


The SMART-50L printer produces high quality printed and laminated cards for government credentials and security guard companies.


A high-performance large capacity. It can configure as: Smart-51S, Smart-51L or Smart-51D


The large capacity card printer for users who have large capacity needs, or for end-users who would like to secure their credential media in the securely locked printer. Options: Smart-70S, 70L, 70D and more.


Four models. • Compact desktop scanner, 10, 25 to 30 ppm • 50 sheet ADF, scan from business cards to A3 • Scan wirelessly to your smart devices, PC and Mac • Simplex / duplex, intuitive functions.


The fast, compact and intuitive fi-7160 and fi-7180 desktop scanners come well equipped to seamlessly process your documents into the digital world. • Increase productivity, collaboration, customer satisfaction


The fi-7280 and fi-7260 models feature an ultra fast built-in flatbed module that enables the scanning of diverse documents types such as those that may be bound, stapled or delicate..

fi-6800 - fi-5950

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